Who are we and what defines us?

Digitalent was founded with the aim to solve a fundamental problem by introducing an innovative model. A model that redefines how modern companies can reach, inspire, and attract prospective talents.

We call this model Enterprise Talent Network (ETN), a state-of-the-art new solution that simply cannot be achieved with internal recruitment teams or headhunting agencies. We believe that companies need a personal service rather than additional tools, which is why we operate the ETN as a Managed Service. We act as an extended arm of our clients, without forgetting the interests of the candidates themselves. Thanks to the ETN, we are not only able to win valuable employees for our customers, but we do so faster, cheaper, and with higher recruitment quality. Wide experience from numerous projects over several years has allowed us to analyse exactly what works and what doesn’t, and we use this knowledge to specifically cater for our customers’ needs.

Experienced team

Behind Digitalent is an experienced, international team with locations in Switzerland, Poland and Serbia. Each individual has specific know-how in relevant fields of expertise - from research & recruitment and sales & online marketing, to technology & software development. This far-reaching mix of ability and expertise is as unique as our model itself; it’s all about knowing the right step to take in every single situation.

Andjela Zdravkovic

Relationship Manager

André Obrist

Chief Digital Officer & Partner

Anna Matoga

Technical Consultant

Irina Markovic

Research Analyst

Ivana Vasilić

Research Analyst

Karolina Rejrat

Senior Relationship Manager & Teamleader Operations

Michael Saggau

Relationship Manager

Noémi Korth

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Raphael Ineichen

CEO & Founder

Sebastian Bugaj

Research Analyst

Vanja Sekulovic

Relationship Manager

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