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The Enterprise Talent Network (ETN) is a personal managed service that we operate for successful companies of all sizes. Thanks to network and scale effects, the ETN connects numerous companies with even more qualified talents, and the more companies use the platform, the more attractive it becomes to talent and vice versa. As a result, our customers directly benefit from each other whilst significantly increasing their recruitment performance in the process. Moderated by Digitalent, ETN harmonizes the interests of customers and talents, enabling them to enter into a symbiosis but within a protected environment. This is made possible by the unique interaction of community, technology, and a well-coordinated team.

Jasmine Schläfli Head of HR, Nine Internet Solutions AG

Digitalent clearly has a high level of IT and tech competence and have been able to introduce us to exciting candidates with incredible personalized accuracy within a short period of time. In addition to that, DigitalentCLOUD provides us with an insight into the candidate pipeline at all times. The cost model is both attractive and transparent, and the cooperation allows us to hire good employees on a regular basis.

Michael Kistler CEO A. Baggenstos & Co. AG

We provide our customers with professional Managed IT Services – as IT may not be one of their core competencies. The same applies to us when it comes to recruiting, which is why we purchase a managed service from Digitalent. To the relief of our managers, we receive pre-qualified candidates, which has professionalized our recruitment process and increased the quality of our workforce to no end.


Companies that join Digitalent's Enterprise Talent Network automatically gain access to our community of thousands of IT, Digital , and Technology professionals. We maintain a regular dialogue with our members, some of whom have been with us for years. They are anchored and well-connected in the relevant fields of expertise, act as referrers and "reinforcers", and are even potential candidates themselves.


DigitalentCLOUD is a comprehensive technology platform and the operation system for the Enterprise Talent Network. It enables an efficient and sustainable interaction with candidates from the very first point of contact to a successful employment. The platform acts as the technical equipment needed to position you at the top of the pile of attractive employers, allows you to explore candidate markets, and build and maintain relationships with talents.


The Enterprise Talent Network is run for you by a well-coordinated team of highly specialized individuals. We accompany you from defining the right recruiting strategy, through the implementation stage, and all the way to the operation of the ETN. As a customer, you can access these resources according to your needs and benefit from the experience we have acquired over numerous successful projects.

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