Your "Talent Acquisition Platform" as a Service

At the centre of an attractive employer positioning is a professional career site. It is the "reception hall" for potential candidates, as well as a window into the Enterprise Talent Network. With our "Managed Career Site" (MCS) solution, you get a modern career site that meets the highest technical requirements, including a talent pool and personal recruiters.

DigitalentCLOUD is our technological platform and the heart of ETN, including all the technical equipment you need to position yourself as an attractive employer, explore candidate markets, and build and maintain sustainable relationships with talent - from the very first point of contact to successful employment. As a client, you can immediately use this extensive "Talent Acquisition Platform" without having to invest in your own systems. The platform covers all relevant topics which are necessary for a sustainable talent acquisition.

Career sites & Job boards: attractive career sites in your CI/CD, optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Talent Relationship Management: Comprehensive toolset to sustainably build and maintain relationships with talents.

All tools for Active & Digital Sourcing: numerous, sometimes very expensive, tools which are available to you as a customer.

All tools for communication: maximum interaction with talents requires that all relevant communication channels are served - we do it!

The customer cockpit: your mission control, where you can keep track of the results of your recruiting activities in real time.

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