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Managed Career Sites

At the centre of an attractive employer positioning is a professional career site. It is the "reception hall" for potential candidates, as well as a window into the Enterprise Talent Network. With our "Managed Career Site" (MCS) solution, you get a modern career site that meets the highest technical requirements, including a talent pool and personal recruiters.

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Digital Sourcing Campaigns

With digital sourcing campaigns that comply with all rules of online marketing, potential candidates are made aware of your company and your jobs. The goal: to generate as many suitable candidates as possible while simultaneously strengthening your personal employer brand.

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Active Sourcing Campaigns

Active Sourcing is a challenging and complex process, which requires different job and personality profiles. As these are rarely combined in one person, we consciously, and very successfully, allocate the subtasks to different experts. Because each talent brings a deep expertise in their own discipline, this approach leads to better overall results.

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