Active Sourcing

Proactive research, approach, and recruitment of potential employees - because you want to choose exactly who to employ

Active Sourcing is a challenging and complex process, which requires different job and personality profiles. As these are rarely combined in one person, we consciously, and very successfully, allocate the subtasks to different experts. Because each talent brings a deep expertise in their own discipline, this approach leads to better overall results. For each Active Sourcing campaign "Your" team is composed as follows:

Research Analysts

They have strong analytical sourcing skills and know where and how potential candidates can be identified. They are the "silent information providers" with a high affinity for data and technology. Their main tasks are:

  • Research, Identification & Monitoring
  • Use of all relevant tools & techniques (social networks, websites, directories, blogs, communities, Google hacking,...)
  • Building and developing talent pools (identification of prospective candidates) based on profiles and priorities
  • Digital Sourcing and Online Marketing Campaigns

Relationship Manager

They use all relevant communication channels in order to establish dialogue with prospective candidates. They cultivate long-term relationships and manage to generate interest at the right time. The relationship managers are outgoing, extroverted communicators with industry and marketing skills. Their main tasks are:

  • Creation of JobAds / Job landing pages
  • Direct approach / headhunting to determine the willingness to change jobs & qualifications
  • Talent Relationship Management - continuous dialogue with potential candidates
  • Applicant management: Preselection & processing of direct applicants

Recruitment / Digital Consultants

Consultants with a high level of business understanding and negotiation skills who accompany interested candidates and line managers on their journey to the successful signing of a contract. They navigate through the entire process and are the personal interface to the client. Their main tasks are:

  • Customer briefing / kick-off meeting
  • Setup & Project Management / Controlling / Quality Assurance
  • Interview preparation & provision of all documents (CV, certificates,...)
  • Scheduling interviews with team leaders and candidates
  • Prequalification interviews by telephone
  • Accompaniment of personal interviews with team leaders

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