Managed Career Sites

Optimized for search engines, attractive for candidates - your new Career Site as a Service

At the centre of an attractive employer positioning is a professional career site. It is the "reception hall" for potential candidates, as well as a window into the Enterprise Talent Network. With our "Managed Career Site" (MCS) solution, you get a modern career site that meets the highest technical requirements, including a talent pool and personal recruiters.

Together with your team, we develop the content of the career site and thereby create the basis for your employer value proposition, benefits, employee opinions, and much more. Afterwards, we implement the content and technical aspects of your career site and run it operatively - so you can focus on the evaluation of suitable employees. We take care of everything else for you.

Career site

We take over the technical setup and operation of your career site in the same consistent "look and feel" of your existing corporate website and integrate it seamlessly. A career site consists of the employer value proposition, a job overview, and interactive landing sites for each position. These are maximally optimized for search engines (keyword "Google for Jobs") and mobile devices. Not only will you be found, but you will also leave a good impression.

Talent Cockpit

The cockpit gives you access to the customer side of DigitalentCLOUD and thus to your own personal talent pool; this is where all candidates who apply via the career site are stored. You gain access to the candidate pipeline, ongoing campaigns, and candidate data & documents in this cockpit.

Personal Recruiter

Your personal recruiter is the contact for candidates, line managers, and team leaders. They ensure a smooth application process and take care of the following tasks:

  • publication of positions
  • application handling
  • preselection
  • appointment coordination
  • campaign management

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